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Plastic carryout bags provided by the store shall have printed or displayed on the bag, in a manner visible to a consumer, the words "PLEASE RETURN TO A PARTICIPATING STORE FOR RECYCLING" along with the RECYCLE EVERY BAG LOGO (you will need to contact your plastic bag manufacturer/supplier to fulfill this requirement).
A plastic carryout bag collection bin shall be placed at each store and shall be visible, easily accessible to the consumer, and clearly marked that the collection bin is available for the purpose of collecting and recycling plastic carryout bags.
All plastic bags collected by the store shall be collected, transported, and recycled. The store shall maintain records describing the collection, transport, and recycling of plastic bags collected for a minimum of three years and shall make the records available to a City of Los Angeles representative, upon request, to demonstrate compliance with this chapter.
The operator of the store shall make reusable bags available to customers within the store, which may be purchased and used in lieu of using a plastic carryout bag or paper bag.
Store agrees to promote plastic film recycling and reusable bag use through in-house advertising and marketing.


Provide a blue collection bin and regular pick up through the City’s Curbside Recycling Program for locations along residential routes, or an independent collection system.
Provide promotional materials for placement on blue collection bins, on store doors/windows/entrances, and at point-of-sale terminals. These include:
  • “Please Recycle Clean, Dry Plastic Bags Here” poster in English and Chinese, Korean, or Spanish
  • Small sign for checkout stand in English and Chinese, Korean, or Spanish
  • Plastic bag recycling instructions sign in English and Chinese, Korean, or Spanish
  • It’s Our L.A! Keep It Clean stickers for blue collection bins and window placement

Provide press, downloadable promotional documents, and store location information on the program’s website
Produce a media event to highlight the City’s pilot project and participating stores


The blue collection bin must contain a liner, which should be tied before it is placed outside for collection.

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